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Batting Cages

Baseball is America's favorite pastime and people of all ages play baseball or softball year round. Batting cages are a great addition to any family entertainment facility or as part of a baseball or softball complex. Whether you would like a four-station or ten-station cage, Premier can build the cage to fit your needs.

Local contractors have built cages in the past and some have turned out fine, but most of the time they really have no idea what they are getting themselves into. The construction process is normally a much larger undertaking than initially expected. For this reason most local contractors will either grossly under bid or over bid the job. Also factor in the time it may take a contractor to learn how to build something he has never built before. Therefore, many cages have missed their opening dates and have cost themselves valuable revenue in the first season.

All cages are not built alike; often times cages must be modified due to elevation problems or the size of the lot. This definitely poses a problem for local contractors. Premier has dealt with many modifications and they know how to make the changes necessary to produce a clean, nice looking cage for many years of enjoyment.

Batting cages today are low maintenance due to the retrieval systems that automatically return the balls back to the machines. If the cage is built properly with the right slope on the cage floor, a batting cage is self contained. The experience of our team allows us to modify cages to adapt to your local needs.

The founders of Premier have built cages using major pitching machine manufacturers' equipment. Premier can build a batting cage that is appropriate for your area, no matter if you choose a wheel pitching machine or arm machine. Premier has the experience to build any cage efficiently and within budget and we will avoid the mistakes that local contractors will experience building their first cage. We can build batting cages from the ground up while integrating your park's other activities.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How many stations do I need to build?
  • How much does it cost to build a cage?
  • How do you remove rain water from a batting cage?
  • Do I have to wear a helmet while batting?
  • What is a good ratio of baseball to softball machines?
  • Do I buy the pitching machine equipment from Premier or from the pitching machine manufacturer?

Please call us to get the answers to these questions and more.

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