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Bumper Boat Pond Design and Construction

"Turn splash into cash" with a custom-designed
bumper boat pond.

Premier's bumper boat pond design and construction services provides operators with another popular turn-key business opportunity.

Bumper boats are similar in concept to the more common bumper cars. Like bumper cars, the point of bumper boats is to collide with other boats. It is both thrilling and safe, with low peak speeds and substantial shock absorbing material included in the construction of the boats. As a result, bumper boat collisions are less jarring than bumper car collisions.

Today's bumper boats may also include some added features, such as mounted water guns for shooting opposing boat drivers. The boats are powered by either electric or gasoline engines.

Our unique construction methods allow us to design and construct attractive free-formed ponds. We can build waterfalls and caverns and even incorporate these beautiful features into your miniature golf course.

Let Premier Amusement Developers show you how much money a bumper boat pond can make!

Here are some frequently asked questions about bumper boat pond design and construction:

  • How much space do I need for my bumper boat pond?
  • How much does it cost to build my bumper boat pond?
  • How much maintenance is involved?
  • What kind of filtration system do I use?
  • Is a salt water system effective?

Please call us TODAY to get the answers to these questions (and more) about our bumper boat pond design and construction services.

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