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Go-Kart Track Design and Construction

Successful go-kart tracks are the ones that have been
designed and built by experienced craftsmen.

Premier's go-kart track design and construction services are one of our most sought after services.

Go-kart tracks are one of the most popular attractions with all age groups, and have been for decades. Successful go-kart tracks are the ones that have been designed and built by experienced craftsmen. A poorly constructed track will not only shorten the life of your karts, but guarantee your customer will not come back.

Go-kart tracks are very popular due to your customers' competitive nature and enthusiasm for the thrill of racing. Most patrons will ride multiple times when they are at the track.

For this reason, go-kart gross revenue has been known to rival or exceed that of other popular attractions. Large facilities see the importance of this and build multiple tracks at one location. Kiddie kart tracks and slick tracks are great revenue generators and allow guests of all ages and experience levels a chance to experience the excitement of go-karting.

It can be a challenge to find a go-kart track design that fits today's shrinking commercial lot sizes. You want to design it in a way that incorporates elevation changes that make it attractive and fun to the customers, along with keeping it safe for the employees to operate. You must also abide by your State's regulations as well as all guidelines set forth by your insurance company.

Go-kart track construction is contoured concrete work. Local general contractors are accustomed to doing flat concrete work only. Premier knows how to build a high-quality track from start to finish. From earthwork to installing the safety barrier rail system, we can build a complete track with pit building and maintenance building.

Our track designs assure safe operations and minimize upkeep. The set-up of the remote cut-off system also plays a major role in operating a safe and successful track. The pit area must be designed to handle high customer traffic flow, keeping in mind a comfortable atmosphere for your rider.

Premier can help you make the right decisions. Whether you choose to use gasoline karts or electric go-karts, large track or small, we will be there every step of the way. We have working relationships with all the major suppliers in the industry. Helping you make these important decisions is why you should choose Premier Amusement Developers to construct your go-kart track.

Here are some frequently asked questions about go-kart track design and construction.

  • How much land is needed?
  • How many go-karts do I need to buy?
  • How much does it cost to build a go-kart track?
  • What types of tracks should be built?
  • Can you build a pit building and maintenance building?
  • How much maintenance is involved?

Please call us TODAY to get the answers to these questions (and more) about our go-kart track design and construction services.

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