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Miniature Golf Course Design and Construction

When a miniature golf course is properly designed and constructed, then traffic climbs and profits soar!

Miniature golf course design and construction is an extremely important part of everything we do. After all, when a miniature golf course is properly designed and constructed, then traffic climbs and profits soar!

Miniature golf is enjoyed by millions of people of all ages every year. We have been involved in hundreds of miniature golf course projects and we have learned over the years that customers like a course that is fun, yet challenging to play.

We believe that each course needs to be unique, keeping your budget in mind. Courses that mimic a regulation course are as boring as the old flat courses of years past. We consider each location and surrounding competition prior to designing your course. When building a fun and profitable miniature golf course, Premier is your answer.

Water features, attractive landscaping, trick shots and elevation changes are vital in every course. When it comes to theming your courses, we can help. We will construct or merely advise you on theming your course to fit your market.

Our goal is to develop a high-quality course that all of your customers will be talking about for years to come. From site preparation to finishing the last details, Premier can do a turn-key project for you that will leave you time to work on marketing and operating your facility. Let Premier's decades of experience guide you through the challenges of building your dream course.

Amusement parks are split into two categories: "wet attractions" and "dry attractions." In terms of the "dry attractions," miniature golf courses are the most complex to build. And, miniature golf courses carry the highest risk for construction mistakes. The founders of Premier have the experience to eliminate the mistakes that a local general contractor will not foresee.

Premier takes great pride in the fine detailing that we incorporate into our work. We understand the importance of the many details that highlight the course - details that other miniature golf course builders will not address. We do not design or build cookie-cutter miniature golf courses. The quality and the finished product is our number one goal. Therefore, a member of our management team will be on site for hands-on supervision.

Today's new courses must be built to meet ADA guidelines. Having a new course designed and built by a professional miniature golf course builder is your only option today to comply with ADA guidelines. Do not assume that all contractors know these regulations. That is why Premier Amusement Developers is your best choice to build you a course that meets all your construction needs.

Miniature golf courses have a strong profitability with minimal overhead in comparison to other businesses that require large staff and enormous operating cost. Whether it is a stand alone facility or in conjunction with any other attraction or business, miniature golf courses have returned their initial investment in as little as two years. With your drive and determination combined with our years of experience, your success is inevitable. Premier can help you determine a budget to fit your market, while creating an entertaining course that ensures your return on investment.

Miniature golf course designs are critical in your overall planning. Premier will design a course that meets the needs of your community. The current industry trends have changed from a putting style course to a fun and exciting course with more trick shots and theming elements. Premier's focus is to turn putting into profits.

Here are some frequently asked questions about miniature golf course design and construction.

  • How much land do I need for a miniature golf course?
  • How much does a miniature golf course cost?
  • How long does it take to build a course?
  • What do we have to do prior to your arrival?
  • Do you offer turn-key construction?
  • Can changes be made to the course during construction?

Please call us TODAY to get the answers to these questions (and more) about our miniature golf course design and construction services.

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