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"Portable" Miniature Golf

Our portable miniature golf course is affordable, easy to set-up and ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

A portable miniature golf course is an excellent option for those amusement operators who want a high level of flexibility with their course. It can be used indoors or outdoors. And, a portable miniature golf course is more affordable than a poured in place course.

The footprint for an outdoor portable miniature golf course is similar (3,500 square feet for an 18-hole layout, or 2,000 square feet for a 9-hole design). Plus, with a little extra space, you can add water features and landscaping to enhance the overall look of the course.

The footprint for an indoor portable miniature golf course can be as small as 3,500 square feet for an 18-hole layout, or 2,000 square feet for a 9-hole design.

Premier Amusement Developers' portable miniature golf course is the ideal solution for any operator leasing a building or land. You can install it yourself. You don't need any construction expertise or special equipment to install it. And, it can be relocated if your lease expires.

Here are just a few of the reasons why our portable miniature golf course design and construction sets the standard for excellence:

  • Our portable miniature golf course holes are constructed out of a light-weight yet extremely durable foam product.
  • We apply urethane coating to each portable hole for extra strength and durability.
  • We use regulation size putting cups.
  • The carpeting on portable holes is a grass product and not a felt product.
  • Portable holes come with a either a "rock look" edging or a "faux brick" edging.
  • We use regulation size putting cups.
  • Portable holes are various lengths from 16-feet to 22-feet.
  • A big advantage of a portable course over a wooden course is that the portable holes are not flat. They have undulations and banks which make portable holes fun and challenging to play.
  • Rocks or obstacles (like the play through log in the picture on the right) come on 9-holes when an 18-hole portable miniature golf course is ordered.

Premier Amusement Developers will provide a design for you to set-up the install the portable miniature golf course holes. We will also include 100 putters, 20-dozen colored golf balls, 10-gross pencils and 1,000 generic scorecards. Your portable course will be ready for business in no time!

Why not get your portable miniature golf course started today? It's a fast and easy process!

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